My First Time

It was Aly's first time at Ultra and she was super excited to bask in all the debauchery and crazyness! Her BFFs were there to back her up and pre-game HARD before Ultra so these chicks got SUPER wasted. They were humping trees, getting their make out on out and even flashing random dudes. Aly got some dudes number and hit him up for the D, and the rest of the BFFs did what they do best, make out and fuck each other!

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Show These Rookies The Ropes

Coach left Jess in charge and she made sure to show these little bitches the ropes! Everyone's had to prove themselves and it was no different for Kerry and Rita! They said they'd do whatever to be best friends and they had to do some lesbian ass shit to prove themselves!!! Hahahah my favorite was the human pussy licking centipede!!! Lol the best part is these bitches loved every second of it and the whole team broke out into lesbian pussy lick mode. Sounds like everyone scored to me!

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Prom Night Devirginization

Prom is always a nightmare. Sometimes you end up with the wrong date and sometimes you're just not having any fun. That's what happened to Katie at her prom after she got dumped by her boyfriend the night of! She even was willing to let her guy pop her cherry. She wanted to go home and the older & wiser limo driver came up on this teen virgin pussy! Lucky ass dude and it looks like she had fun after all - her first prom & her first fuck!!! Pro tip: Become a limo driver and you will GET LAID!!!!

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Dance Party Fuckfest

Making a music video is such a hassle. You have to get hot chicks to star in them and that's such a pain in the ass. Wait, what am I saying? No it's not. Luckily for our director, these girls were his biggest fans and were willing to do ANYTHING to come out in his next big video. First impressions count, so these girls made sure to whip out his cock and let him give them a cockpounding he'd never forget. Now these girls are fucking on BFFs for the first time. Funny how that works....

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Sexual Education

Note to all the girls out there, don't get caught smoking in the bathroom at this college. That means an automatic detention and we all know what happens in detention! These teens are gonna learn a lot today once the teacher steps out!

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Bootcamp Besties

These four teens were soooe eager for their first day of boot camp! Once the workout started, these girls got a little bored of all the drills and wanted a REAL workout. Ha, and no doubt this trainer was ready to give these teens the REAL workout. First the clothes came off and then these chicks got fucked in the gym in front of their BFFs! Like they say ladies, no pain, no gain!

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Cheer Team Carwash

So it's about that time again to raise money for the cheerleader squad and these besties had the best idea. Why not have a car wash and flash a titty or two to attract clientele? The real fun happens when some random dude gets his car washed and gets way more than he bargained for. A blowjob in the car while the rest of the girls scrub his whip down. Then it's onto one of the girls house since her parents weren't home and dude fucks one of the girls brains out! I need to start getting my car washed by these teens!

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Cowgirl Hoedown

It's a hoedown this week on BFFs! This week we catch up with some besties just hanging out having some fun tearing the town up. These girls are huge freaks and were making out at the bars and riding the mechanical bull like the little sluts they truly are! Then they take some random dudes with them home and it turns out into a full on orgy fuck fest between these cowgirl best friends. I love to see a good hoedown like this! Ride em, cow sluts!

Pics: 247

Marihoejuana Party

It's a marihoejuana party, folks! These BFFs aren't into getting sloppy drunk and fucking. These girls just wanna chill, smoke a blunt, sit on the couch and maybe suck your dick if you play your cards right! Who wouldn't want to hang with these girls? Once these girls were high and had the dude from the smoke shop over, they wanted to play a little truth or dare (so innocent and juvenile, I know!) and we all know what happens then! I can't get enough of the little blonde chick that ends up naked. Too damn sexy. Wish she'd corrupt me!

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Looking For A Fuck Buddy

Happy Valentines Day! Today, we have a submission from our friend Sugar all the way in Las Vegas, NV. Sugar and her friends are looking for a special buddy out on the strip in Vegas. These girls love the white dick and met up with one of their friends, Eric who just so happens to love to dip his dick in chocolate too! What a perfect match and the perfect recipe for our first ebony BFFs submission. Enjoy guys!

Pics: 401

Bachelorette Party

Have you ever been to a bachelorette party? Of course you haven't. But now you get to see what really goes down at these things and let me tell you, single & married women alike both slut out so hard at these things. It's insane, they start egging each other to suck cock, get fucked, and next thing you know these things turn into a full on orgy. This submission tape brings us a group of friends with one particular teen who's about to get married but she wants to have fun one last time. After a lot of drinking, once the inhibitions wear down, this girl totally forget she's going to get married and starts sucking & fucking the stripper dude they hired. Insane, this chick is sooo slutty and sooo hot!

Pics: 297

Spring Break Fuck Fest

It's Spring break, bitches! These cute little teens hit the beach after some drinking looking for some hot dudes to cure their itch for the dick. It wasn't hard for these little sluts to eventually run into someone who wanted to take them to pound town. Twerking on the beach turns into a wild fuck fest back at the hotel!

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A Very Slutty St Pattys Day

The reason I like St. Patricks Day so much is because it's super easy to get laid due to the plethora amount of drunk sluts roaming the streets that day. Today, we have a submission from some BFFs who were determined to get laid on St. patricks Day. After a shitload of drinking in public, these out of town sluts pick up some random dudes and take them back to the hotel room! No fucking shit! Why hasn't this ever happened to me? Anyway back at the hotel room, these chicks get down to business and seduce the fuck out of the 2 lucky dudes they picked up! It's was an all out fuck fest on St. Pattys!

Pics: 273